Is a $150,000 Unsecured Credit Line Really Possible?

Brand new start-up businesses with no financials can qualify for a credit line up to $150,000. There are NO financials required, the lender won’t even look at your monthly revenue.

For this program all that is needed is a 660 credit score or higher to qualify. Personal credit, and only personal credit is used to qualify. The better the personal credit, the higher the credit line approval will be. You can even use someone as a Personal Guarantor who does have good credit if you have credit issues now.

This is the best account in the country for new start-up businesses and new franchises as you don’t need any financials to qualify. The credit line is revolving, and you can use it for any purpose. You will receive a debit card, even a checkbook so you can write from this account.

It only takes 2-4 weeks to close and have the money in your bank account.

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