How Do the Credit Bureaus and Fair Isaacs Corp Stack Up- View Their Credit Reports!

Do the Credit Bureau’s Pay Bills On Time?

Ever Wonder How the Credit Bureau’s Credit Reports Look Like?

Do they pay their bills on time? What collections do they have against them? How about liens, judgements? They are corporations, after all and most major corporations have credit reports regarding their payments histories with the vendors they use.

If you are curious as I am, click on the links to see live credit reports of TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. – Experian was especially interesting since I pulled the Experian’s report from Experian Business Credit Reports.

Fair Isaacs credit report is also here, in case you didn’t know, this is the corporation that created the FICO scoring model. Aproximately 90 out of 100 banks use the FICO as their choice of scoring your credit, as opposed to the Vantage Score which was released a few years back by the Fair Isaacs corporation, as a ‘feel good’ product for consumers and to comply with the FTC in disclosure of their score generating model and also NOT the choice for most major banks to use as an indication of your REAL credit score.

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