Understand This First-

Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and Fair, Issacs and Company (creators of the FICO scoring model) Are NOT Government (federal, state or local) Entities.

These Group of Companies that Toy and Manipulate your Life are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS.


Given this, apparently, even if these companies affect your life in a negative way, and without much explanation, they are not required to give you ‘by law’ their ‘trade secrets’ or the specific reasons with which they calculate your scores on your credit reports.

Therefore, our ‘Boycott The Credit Bureaus’ campaign allows consumers to take back their rights as consumers so they can decide what to share with these corporations the information on which they can formulate their ‘trade secret formula’ on.

According to the Freedom of Information Act, a specific person can request private information from the federal government if this information affects them. Well, since these corporations are NOT part of the federal government, they hide behind a veil of corporate protection laws and anonymity. – Well, i say lets do the same.

Therefore, the boycott the credit bureaus is an activist group that was started by UpMyFicoScores.com to specifically give these corporations a piece of their own medicine, playing off of consumer privacy laws. They use the ‘trade secret’ law, we use the ‘consumer disclosure of certain information and privacy act’.

Ask Yourself This

If the the Experian, Equifax and Transunion Corporations and Fair, Isaacs and Company Corporation are not required to give out their ‘trade secrets’ in the way they affect your ability to be extended credit, isn’t it Your Right to Privacy by Not Disclosing your Social Security Number and Private information which they can use to assimilate your life achievements by 3 scores, just level the playing field?

This is Quite Simple

If these corporations can’t disclose certain information on how your credit scores are generated  and publicly share this algorithm, isn’t is your right to use a GIN Number instead of a Social Security Number?  YES, it is. They keep their information private. You keeps yours private (or share what you want with these companies; not what they demand)

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