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Working Capital
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Competence & Expertise

Structuring For Funding

Our Specialty. We understand that all Businesses don’ come in neat little packages. We are not scared to get our hands dirty and use our minds to creatively structure your company for the end result of obtaining funding.

Underwriting & Funding Expertise

With a combined total experience of 80 years, BCP has been not only been structuring and re-structuring businesses but also intuitively understand the entire loan funding cycle  from stacking to underwriting to stip clearance.

Credit and Loan Solutions

Where others fail, we succeed. Your success is our experience. Like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, your business analysis is in the eyes of our analysts. By looking at all aspects of your business and presenting clear solutions helps our clients make decisive actions so no time is wasted when time is of the essence and your desire for funding is quick.
  • Corporate Structuring & Re-structuring

  • Underwriting and Funding

  • Analysis and Presentment of Options on Target




We let Our Clients Speak for Us


Partners & Clients

The fabulous group of entrepreneurs we get to work with and also learn from. Consulting for businesses is like taking a 'crash course' in that businesses operational world and getting a solution ready to present the owner. We look forward to yours.

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